Day in the Life Guidelines

We’re excited to feature you on our social sites! All Day in the Life features are posted on The Collective’s FB and IG stories throughout the day that you’re scheduled to be featured. When taking videos and photos, please follow these guidelines:

  • DM The Collective’s IG all of your photos and/or videos at least 24 hours before your scheduled feature day

  • Send us hashtags, tags, any special copy/text that you’d like to be included in each story post. Please don’t post these on your video - we will post them for you.

  • Please don’t send us more than 15 posts. (Each 15 seconds of video counts as a post)

  • Please try to be available on the day that we are posting (followers usually have questions!) and let us know what’s the best way to reach you (FB, IG, text, etc.)

  • Try to be as detailed as possible when sending pics and videos - who’s in it, where are you, people’s names, etc.

You are REQUIRED to send the following videos and photos:

  • The first video needs to be of you introducing yourself and your business

  • The final video needs to be a quick wrap up of your day

  • All other content is totally up to you! We love having fun, but please keep it appropriate for all audiences. :)